Court Enforcement Services

Court Enforcement Services – How we help recover money and property

High Court Enforcement Services

  • Enforce money judgments to recover money owed by debtors:
    We focus on enforcing High Court Writs, including transfer up of CCJs above £600 and less than 6 years old, to the High Court – our CCJ transfer up administration service is at no cost to client*
  • Recover unpaid Employment Tribunal Awards/ACAS Settlements*
  • Apply for and enforce possession orders
    (including agreements covered by company lets and rent-to-rent schemes)
  • Recovery of specific goods*

*A court fee of only £66 is payable.

Our full range of our High Court Enforcement Services

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Commercial Property and Land (CRAR and non-CRAR)

  • Recovery of Commercial Rent (CRAR) and Service Charge arrears
  • Remove trespassers and squatters from property and land, and fly traders from commercial premises
  • Undertake forfeiture of commercial lease

Our Full Range of Commercial Services – Instruct us online

Other legal support services

  • Tracing and Process Serving form part of our court enforcement services portfolio

Court Enforcement Services provides solutions for corporate and public sectors clients as well as private individuals.
We work with law firms and in-house legal teams, debt collection agencies, utilities, commercial and residential landlords, property management agents, corporate and public sector clients.

Court Enforcement Services
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