Transfer Up CCJ

To instruct us to transfer up to High Court Enforcement, please complete the form below. To instruct us to do anything else, please click here.

IMPORTANT: Before completing this online instruction please read the following:

  • Have the County Court Judgment (CCJ) and any other relevant documents ready to hand
  • If you scan electronically the documents beforehand (e.g County Court Judgment) you can upload the copies when prompted  – it will save you time & money
  • IMPORTANT – At the end of the form you will need to:
    1) agree to the Terms & Conditions and Electronic Signature
    2) click on the ‘Submit’ button in order to register your entries
  • The Court Fee is £78.00 The payment options are by Credit or Debit Card by telephoning 01992 663 399 or sending a Cheque for £78.00 made payable to Court Enforcement Services Ltd.

At the end of the process you will receive an email acknowledgement copy of this instruction. Call us on 01992 663 399 if you need assistance at any stage.

Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement. Our clients have found that transferring up their County Court Judgments (CCJs) to authorise High Court Enforcement, has achieved the following benefits over the traditional County Court route:  It’s a quicker process to enforce and collect, usually more cost-effective and a much better chance to collect the full amount owed. This is because with Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement we are paid on results.