Commercial Property Services.

We provide market-leading solutions for commercial landlords and commercial property managing agents. Our offering is the most comprehensive range of services in the market.

Commercial Property Landlords & Managing Agents

Our team has a wealth of experience in commercial property enforcement and we provide the most comprehensive range of services for commercial landlords and commercial property managing agents operating nationwide.

If you need to instruct us quickly please refer to our online forms or telephone 0343 504 1606 or email

Our services include:

  • CRAR: Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery – at no cost
  • Non-Rent Arrears Recovery – e.g. Service Charge & Insurance restricted under CRAR
  • Forfeiture of Commercial Lease / Peaceable Re-Entry
  • Eviction & Removal of Squatters and Trespassers
  • Absconded or Former Tenant Commercial Rent Arrears
  • Property Security
  • Abandoned Vehicles & Goods
  • Process Serving

About us:

  • We have over 350+ years of experience in Commercial Property Enforcement
  • We are mindful of maintaining the relationship between the tenant and the landlord, whilst ensuring the recovery of the outstanding commercial rent arrears
  • We act to safeguard our client’s reputation during the enforcement process
  • We respond quickly with on-going communication of status and action undertaken

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

We offer a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery service (CRAR), which, is fast and efficient. We can generally provide a same day service subject to the time your instruction is received. We are widely acknowledged as experts in the relevant legislation.

CRAR enables us to help you to recover commercial rent arrears, interest, and VAT without a Court Order by issuing the required Notice of Enforcement to secure your position.

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Non-Rent Arrears

The restrictions on the ability to recover anything other than pure rent has left many landlords unable to effectively recover any other amounts due under the terms of the lease. We offer a solution for dealing with such debts and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the process and other value-added services that we offer.

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease

We are experts in the forfeiture of leases on behalf of commercial property landlords and manging agents where tenants are in breach of the terms of their lease, for example, where they have failed to pay their rent on time. If there is no valid lease still in place, then we are highly likely to still be able to assist through the process of Peaceable Re-Entry.

To instruct us, please complete the online form or Further information

Eviction of Squatters & Trespassers

Having squatters or trespassers occupying your premises or land can be very stressful and often costly; especially when you have to make good any damage caused by them, to enable you to re-let and re-use the premises or land for its rightful and intended use.

Common Law – Trespass on Open Land

If the trespassers are occupying open land only, meaning that they are not in any buildings or structures, then we can solve the challenges presented by helping landlords to invoke their common law rights to return the land or property back to them as the rightful owner.

You can instruct us via our online warrant to ensure the removal of illegal trespassers from open land. We can also deal with fly tipping and fly traders operating from unauthorised sites on land as well as unauthorised trespassers and occupiers of industrial and agricultural land.

On receipt of the warrant, Court Enforcement Services will manage the project on your behalf. Our agents will attend the site and:

  1. Undertake a comprehensive risk assessment
  2. Serve notice of the eviction to the trespassers (usually scheduled for the following day)
  3. Notify the police for them to be available to prevent any possible breach of the peace being committed by the trespassers

Our operatives are excellent communicators and negotiators, ensuring that a clear explanation of the consequences of remaining on site is provided. However, should the trespassers refuse to vacate the land as directed, Our Enforcement Agents will re-attend to facilitate their removal.

On receipt of your instructions, Court Enforcement Services will act promptly. Provided that the online warrant is received by email or fax before noon, we can undertake this action on the same day of receipt of the warrant.

Writ of Possession (Trespass) – Squatters Occupying Buildings / Structures

If the trespassers are occupying a building or structure, then you will need a Court Order for Possession against trespassers (Persons Unknown) in order for us to then issue a Writ of Possession in the High Court and remove them.

If you have not yet obtained a Possession Order, you can still contact us. We will gladly provide advice on the best steps to take prior to issuing proceedings to ensure you have the best chance of recovering your property. We can also connect you with our panel of solicitors who are able to assist in the service of documents (which we will handle for you), issuing of claims, possession proceedings and then they will pass the matter back to us for the enforcement process itself. On receipt of your instructions, Court Enforcement Services and our partner solicitor will manage the project on your behalf from inception to conclusion.

For each scenario, Court Enforcement Services makes available to you our team’s knowledge bank and experience, to provide you with the most appropriate strategy. 

To instruct complete the online form or Further information

Absconded or Former Tenants Commercial Rent Arrears

If would like to locate a former tenant, then our Tracing Team will be able to help.

Tracing Services

Property Security

If you have a vacant property or area of land that you want to protect from a trespass incursion, or if you have post eviction concerns once we clear your property for you, then we can offer a range of services to minimise the risk of a further incursion. The services we offer include but are not limited to; manned guarding, canine guarding, periodic site visits / patrols, CCTV, alarms, concrete blocks/bollards, steel doors and window shutters, fencing, replacement of all external locks for new and supplier locks to improve safety and much more.

Process Serving

Court Enforcement Services can arrange for the formal service of any documents that you need including but not limited to; Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Claim Forms (for possession proceedings), Injunctions, TORTS Notices, Equine Abandonment Notices, Non-Molestation Orders, other Court Orders and much more.

We offer a standard service effected within a few days and a same day / 24-hour fast track service. Once service is effected, we will always provide a Witness Statement of Service or a Sworn Affidavit, whichever is appropriate in the circumstances.

CRAR and Service Charges FAQs