European & International Orders.

Cross Border Enforcement

We can assist you where you have obtained a judgment or equivalent in another country or jurisdiction outside of England and Wales against someone who is residing in this jurisdiction by assisting you to register the order in the local courts to enable us to take enforcement action on your behalf.

We can also guide and assist you with registering and enforcing judgments and awards made in England and Wales where the debtor is residing outside of this jurisdiction. The order will need to be registered in the jurisdiction where the debtor is residing to be enforced.

For example, where a judgment debtor has moved to or resides in Scotland, we can introduce you to Sheriff’s Officers who can register the judgment in their local courts and take steps to enforce on your behalf.

We are connected to enforcement agents across Europe and around the world so can assist you with recovering judgment debts globally through cross border enforcement.

We can also assist with tracing debtors in England and Wales and internationally.

If you would like our assistance please email or call 0343 504 1606.