Residential Property Landlords & Agents.

If you are owed outstanding rent or you require a tenant to vacate your property for another reason, we can assist you.

Repossession of residential property

We act for many residential landlords, their managing agents and estate agents, assisting them to take back possession of their residential properties where an eviction is required.

Whether there is outstanding rent or you require the tenant to vacate your property for another reason, we can assist you in enforcing any order made by the court for possession or guide you through the steps required prior to taking enforcement action.

As a residential landlord wishing to repossess your property, your first steps are to serve notice upon the tenant and then obtain an Order for Possession from the Court. Although this can often be straightforward it can also be complex so we would recommend seeking legal advice and support in dealing with such matters. The law is continually changing.

Normally, such an order would be enforced by a County Court Bailiff under a Warrant of Possession, but we are hearing from many clients that they often experience long delays due to high workloads and backlogs. During this time, rent arrears will continue to increase and there is also the risk that the tenant could damage your property.

Under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984, it is possible to request that a judge transfers the order to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer under a Writ of Possession. It is important that the application is made correctly, and the right wording is used when seeking such an order. If you are owed rent, you can also add a claim for money due to the application for a possession order. High Court Enforcement Officers can enforce such matters much more quickly than the County Court Bailiff.

On receipt of your instructions, we will respond very quickly to execute the Writ of Possession to ensure that the property is returned to you as soon as possible.

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Combined Writ of Possession and Writ of Control

If you are also owed rent arrears, and you have obtained a High Court Writ of Control, you may wish to combine this with a Writ of Possession take back possession of the property.

Where you have not yet obtained a CCJ

If have not yet obtained a CCJ, you can still contact us, and we will gladly provide advice on the best steps to take prior to issuing proceedings to ensure you have the best chance of recovering your debts. We can also connect you with our panel of solicitors who are able to assist in the issuing of claims, possession proceedings or combined proceedings.

Our panel can also assist in the issuing of:

  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Winding Up Petitions on failed writs.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call 0343 504 1606 or email

Tracing – Absconded or Former Residential Tenant Rent Arrears

If would like to locate a former tenant, then please contact our Tracing Team who will be able to help.


“I wanted to confirm that I was very impressed with the service that you and your team have provided in what has been a very difficult and long running case. Your colleague Jon Tatam thought of every eventuality and covered every aspect for what could have been a very challenging day. Thankfully, it went ahead smoothly. However, had it not done so he would have been very much in control and had every angle covered. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services or indeed using them again.”

S J Welcomme, MCP Solicitors

“Fantastic service – a fast, highly professional & cost-effective enforcement service. I have finally got possession of my property after years of trying to evict a difficult tenant. Great service from the development manager, Irvine, and Ashleigh in the office, who helped with every step of the process, including arranging the locksmith to attend. Georgie the enforcement officer was brilliant – he worked calmly & professionally with the tenant and kept me fully informed during the whole eviction process on the day. I will be using them again to pursue the rent arrears and highly recommend their services.”

Private Landlord