Debt Collection Agencies & Debt Purchasers.

Our fast and efficient operating model has been shaped with your requirements in mind.

Debt Recovery Agencies, Debt Purchasers, and other Collections Agencies

Debt collection agencies (DCA’s) and Court Enforcement Services are both judged on performance, reputation, and service.

Our business is focused on court enforcement services – this clear demarcation, supports our desire to develop strong partnerships with DCA’s.

Several members of our senior management team come from a background of working in DCA’s and others have represented them as their legal providers in previous employment.

We have a great combined depth of knowledge, experience and understanding of how agencies operate and of their unique requirements and expectations.

We act for numerous agencies of all shapes and sizes from sole traders right up to some of the largest agencies in the UK as well as those operating internationally.

We work with agencies who have their own in-house legal departments and those who own their own legal businesses as well as those using external solicitors or managing a panel of legal providers. We are sometimes instructed to work with the agency and their lawyers.

We work with debt recovery professionals at every level including directors, account managers and case handlers and appreciate that everyone at every level has an important part to play in the enforcement process.

We highly value our relationships with our DCA clients and work in close partnership and collaboration with them.

We also work with debt purchasers in respect of the enforcement of unregulated judgments and assist them in making decisions as to the suitability of taking such action.

Our aim is to develop longstanding professional relationships that are based on trust and mutual advantage. We understand the importance of providing the very best service for you and your clients and share these same values, for example, treating customers fairly.

By delivering an approach that differs from traditional providers or panels, we have worked tirelessly on the frontline to earn our reputation as the leading High Court Enforcement company for debt recovery professionals.

We have longstanding relationships with our existing clients in the sector who are loyal to us because of the excellent client service levels they receive and our in-depth knowledge and expertise. We would be pleased to introduce you to existing clients who are happy to recommend us by endorsing us and our approach.

We are the fastest growing High Court enforcement company; to-date we have enforced over 100,000 High Court Writs. Since forming in 2014, we have recovered more than £187 million under High Court Writs issued for our clients, debt fairly collected.

We promote early stage resolution and are proud to achieve an above industry average engagement rate of 39% during the compliance period.

We feel it is important to open communication with the customer at this early stage to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. This ensures that the creditor recovers what they are owed quickly and reduces additional costs and interest being added thereby avoiding increasing the customer’s debt burden.

We offer bespoke recovery services, which, can be tailored to meet your requirements across a comprehensive range of operational solutions.

Unlike many High Court enforcement companies, we do not own a legal business. Our aim is to avoid directly competing with our clients providing such services. Any DCA that instructs us can be assured that potential conflicts of interest should never arise.

We are always pleased to pass on our DCA client contact details to any of our clients and prospects who may require such services and would be pleased to extend this offer to you if you choose to work with us.

Our priority is to focus on being the best High Court enforcement provider for the debt collection industry.

We support the work of DCA’s across various sector groups but particularly those working in utilities, commercial finance, the public sector and those dealing with non-regulated consumer debts although we deal with all kinds of commercial debts generally and have experience of enforcing across all other sectors.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • A high level of competency in delivering court enforcement services
  • A personal service that is responsive, transparent and effective – enhanced by our Award Winning Enforcement Agent Appand online case management
  • Working on your behalf, we will safeguard yours and your client’s reputations in all the work that we undertake for you as well as to protect your brands. We achieve this by showing respect to your client’s customers as the debtors
  • Establishing a very professional relationship through our fair, transparent and firm approach to enforcement

We work with DCA clients who have one-off or low volume requirements as well as those who have high volumes and treat every instruction with the same high level of care and attention. Our systems and processes are robust, scalable and at the forefront of applying leading edge of technology and best practice to aid efficiency, speed of action and results.

Our technology has been widely acknowledged and has won awards in recent years at the Utility Awards and Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit Awards. Whilst technology has been embraced and is at the forefront of our business to drive our efficiency, we recognise how important it is to establish excellent direct working partnerships with our clients. Our clients have online access to all information relating to their cases through our unique and user-friendly case management system.

We appreciate that many DCA’s have a great appetite for management information (MI) and we are in a position to provide a detailed analysis of your portfolios both in terms of helping you to assess cases for their suitability for enforcement as well as in reporting to you on our performance in enforcing judgments on your behalf.

We are members of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and abide by their Code of Conduct. We do this as a commitment to our DCA clients to show our commitment and support to you and to ensure our approach and conduct is in line with your own.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, for more information or to arrange a meeting.


“Thank you for the kind update and well done.”
Debt Recovery Agency

“I would just like to congratulate you on the recovery of this debt. The couple in question I knew had the funds and they had treated my client very badly in making promises to pay and then never paying him. This went on for a year after the job was finished and before he was recommended to us for our help. I am so pleased with your action and result. Thank you on behalf of my client.”
Debt Recovery Agency

“Thank you for your update and for news of the positive result. Please could you pass on my compliments to the enforcement officer who seems to have demonstrated great skills and initiative in the circumstances. Well done to them and thank you!”
Debt Recovery Agency

“Thanks again to you and your team for the great recovery results. Our clients are very happy about the recovery rate CES is achieving.”
Debt Recovery Agency

“I would like to congratulate the team at Court Enforcement Services for a job well done; you succeeded where other High Court Enforcement companies walked away.”
Debt Recovery Agency

We had a difficult debtor who knew how to play the system and ran rings around our former High Court Enforcement provider. The writ was transferred to Court Enforcement Services following a conversation with Wayne Whitford and within a month the debt was paid in full, and our client is delighted.
Debt Recovery Agency

“I would not hesitate to recommend your services, once again, thanks for a job well done”.
Debt Recovery Agency

“May I just say a very big thank you to you and your High Court Enforcement team for an extremely successful outcome to this case, you certainly exceeded my expectations”.
Debt Recovery Consultant