Our Technology.

Our operational focus is fast and efficient resolutions, enabled by a clear advantage delivered by our technology.

Agent Patroller Enforcement App

Our operational focus is fast and efficient resolutions, enabled by a clear advantage delivered by our technology – the award winning ‘Agent Patroller’ App – which provides real-time communication between our Enforcement Agents, our clients and our office. Agent Patroller is central to the effectiveness of our strategies being properly supported for our Enforcement Agents in-the-field.

  • Connect: Links Enforcement Agents, our clients and our office team in real-time communication.
  • Notify: Real-time notifications from our client to the Enforcement Agent – instructions can be acted upon immediately.
  • Flag: Status flags to alert Enforcement Agents immediately of any customer vulnerability or situation, including health and safety risks that our Enforcement Agents need to be aware of.
  • Inform: Enabling transparency and speed, our client data/information is immediately available to our Enforcement Agents in the field, supporting earlier resolution.
  • Schedule: Enables scheduling of work and progress tracking of Enforcement Agents – e.g. urgent visits, suspended action, broken arrangements.
  • Equip: Multi-functional Agent Patroller includes a payment facility for customers, map, full case history notes with financial breakdown and a direct link for vehicle checks.

Agent Patroller is one important reason why our success rates and outcomes are often superior to other High Court Enforcement firms. We are proud to be forward thinking, innovative and results driven. Agent Patroller has won the following awards…

Winner of Best Use of Technology – UTILITIES & TELECOMS AWARDS 2016

“After a tough shortlisting process, the panel of judges had no trouble at all choosing a winner in this category, voting unanimously for Court Enforcement Services. The simplicity and efficacy of their Enforcement App put Court Enforcement Services – in the words of more than one judge – ‘miles ahead’ of the competition.”

Winner of Best Use of Credit Technology – CICM BRITISH CREDIT AWARDS 2018

“The results speak for themselves – a hugely impressive entry detailing a bespoke technology developed in-house, with strong commendations from its clients.”

Data Enhancement

Customer engagement, whether that be at compliance or visit stage, is an essential part of the process

Our bespoke processes go far beyond just sending a notice of enforcement. Our engagement rates are achieved by our unique data enrichment process which utilises widely available bureau data and is augmented with our own behavioural and system intelligence (both BI – Business Intelligence and EI – Emotional Intelligence) gained from handling over 100,000 writs.

Ongoing data enhancement and validation occurs throughout the process to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available and used, ensuring maximum engagement. By using these methods throughout, we can adopt a bespoke collection strategy that is informed by the data and intelligence we gather, to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients.

As a fundamental commitment of our Fairness Charter and Vulnerability Strategy, we identify any potential vulnerabilities, and whether to continue to pursue the debt, saving our clients unnecessary costs. By continuing to verify the data throughout the recovery process, if the case escalates to the enforcement stage, our Enforcement Agents are then equipped with in-depth information to assist with achieving a positive outcome when visiting the customer’s address

Client Portal

Our online client portal ‘Client View’ is available 24/7 and allows our clients to view in real-time the progress we are making on their behalf. This includes all case history correspondence and notes with full financial breakdown and photographs of premises/goods. Clients can also update cases, add notes and run a full suite of management reports and headline statistics.