We appreciate businesses need to recover outstanding debts as quickly and efficiently as possible to maintain their liquidity, good cash flow and credit control.

We appreciate businesses need to recover outstanding debts as quickly and efficiently as possible to maintain their liquidity, good cash flow and credit control.

We offer a wide range of High Court and Civil Enforcement solutions to help you achieve this.

Working on your behalf, we will safeguard your brand and reputation in any enforcement action we undertake on your behalf. We treat your customers with respect even when they have become your debtors, and always collect any monies owed by acting professionally; being fair, transparent, and firm in our approach.

We are here to help you to recover outstanding debts where you have obtained a County Court Judgment (CCJ) and payment has not been made.

We can assist you by enforcing your unpaid County Court Judgment (CCJ) if it is for a sum more than £600.00 (including interest, court fees and costs).

Transfer Up to the High Court for Enforcement

We offer a fast and effective remedy via our free transfer up service to transfer your CCJ up to the High Court to enforce using our High Court Enforcement Officers.

By transferring the judgment up to the High Court and issuing a Writ of Control, we have the power to seize the debtor’s goods if they fail to make payment.

Unlike County Court Bailiffs, our High Court Enforcement Agents are paid on results and have more powers. Only a fixed Court fee of £66 is payable up front, which, is recoverable from the debtor if successful and will then be included in the monies paid over to you.

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) can be enforced for 6 years from the date of judgment.

Please visit our ‘CCJ’s Transfer Up to High Court Enforcement’ page for details of how to instruct us.

More information  or Instruction to Transfer-Up CCJ to Writ of Control

Once we have received your instructions, we will apply for your County Court Judgment (CCJ) to be transferred up to the High Court and issue your Writ of Control. Once we have received the writ back from the court, we can proceed with enforcement action.

We will act quickly to enforce and keep you advised of all developments throughout.

If you have not yet obtained a CCJ, you can still contact us. We can provide you with advice on the best way forward prior to issuing proceedings, to ensure you have the best chance of recovering your debt. We can also connect you with our panel of solicitors who can assist you in the issuing of any claim, possession proceedings or combined proceedings.

We appreciate any debt owed to you can easily become a major concern. One debt can potentially have a massive impact on your business. We are here to help to take away the burden. In the circumstances, we understand the need to act fast and efficiently to make every effort to recover the outstanding sum for you sooner rather than later.

Our aim is to make our High Court enforcement services easily accessible to you and to help guide and support you through every step of the process.

We will explain everything to you in plain English and simple terms to aid your understanding and to give you some peace of mind.

We are focused on early-stage resolution, aiming to recover your money as quickly as possible to keep costs down and the burden on you to a minimum.

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Our services include:

  • Enforcing CCJs above £600* – faster remedy via transfer up to the High Court
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) & Non-Rent Recovery
  • Forfeiture of Commercial Lease / Eviction
  • Removal of Trespassers and Squatters from Commercial Premises and Land
  • Process Serving
  • Tracing

Commercial Property and Land

If your company is a landlord or managing agent of property or land, we offer two remedies for the recovery of rent and other charges, which, will not incur costs depending on what type of arrears is involved.

Commercial Rent Arrears (CRAR) 

Under the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) regulation landlords are permitted to recover rent arrears from a tenant in sole use commercial premises.

CRAR enables us to help recover outstanding commercial rent arrears, interest, and VAT without a court order.

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Non-Commercial Rent Arrears

The ability to recover anything other than pure rent has left many landlords unable to effectively recover any other amounts due under the terms of the lease. Where this situation arises, we can assist landlords in the collection of all sums due under the lease, by way of our Pre-Legal Recovery Process. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these processes and other value-added services that we offer.

For further information on our Non CRAR-Non Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery services, please call 0343 504 1606 or email

Forfeiture of Lease and Removal

We are also able to undertake a Forfeiture of Commercial Lease, if your company wishes to end the agreement with a commercial tenant who is in arrears.

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Eviction of Commercial Squatters & Trespassers

Where your company may be subject to commercial squatters or has trespassers on its land our Enforcement Agents are able to remove them for you, resolving this using the Landlord’s rights under Common Law including the Tort of Trespass.

Process Serving

In the event your company requires a Court Order or other legal documents to be personally served, we can assist you with our UK-wide process serving service.


We offer an efficient and compliant trace and investigation service, covering the whole of the UK.  All our debtor tracing is conducted on a “No trace, no fee” basis.