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Trace to Writ Form.


Take on Form - Trace to Writ

  • Client Contact Information

  • (overall responsibility)
  • (if different from above)
  • Payment Requirements

  • Defendant Details

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Claim Details

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  • Additional information

  • Terms and Conditions:

    1. I authorise Court Enforcement Services Ltd to undertake a trace to try to find the defendant. If successful I agree to the following:
    2. I authorise Court Enforcement Services Ltd to apply to transfer the attached judgment to the High Court for enforcement and authorise Court Enforcement Services Ltd to carry out the transfer.
    3. I request that the writ be issued to an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer within Court Enforcement Services Ltd.
    4. I authorise Court Enforcement Services Ltd to sign any court form necessary for the purpose of enforcing my judgment including County Court Form N293a or any Statement of Truth required in support of my application to enforce my judgment.
    5. I authorise the County Court to return the completed N293a direct to Court Enforcement Services and / or to correspond directly with Court Enforcement Services Ltd regarding my application.
    6. I confirm that the judgment is not based upon a Regulated Agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, unless the judgment debt is £25,000 or more.
    7. I represent that I am authorised to provide these instructions on behalf of the creditor and will be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

    Part settlements - our costs will be deducted from the sums recovered from the debtor on a pro-rata basis.

    NB: Late payment charges will be applied to all our overdue invoices in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (As Amended).

    Statutory Compliance (abortive) Fee £75 (plus VAT)

    Our administration fees are usually paid by the debtor on successful recovery. Where we are unable to recover the amount due, and this could be for a variety of reasons, you will be charged £75.00 plus VAT. These reasons include but are not limited to, situations where we are unable to trace the debtor, where the debtor successfully applies to have the judgment set aside, where the debtor is or has been declared bankrupt and where there are insufficient assets to cover the debt owed.

    I agree to pay the following:

    • Trace Fee (£71 plus VAT) if the trace is successful.
    • High Court Writ Fee (£71)
    • Statutory Compliance Fee (£75 plus VAT) – if required
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For further information click here.

Alternatively, you can download the form and send it completed to: onboarding@courtenforcementservices.co.uk

Trace to Writ Form