By delivering an approach that differs from traditional providers or panels, we have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as the leading High Court Enforcement company in Utilities.

Utilities & Telecoms

Our years of Utilities expertise and a fast, fair, client-focused approach continues to yield the sector’s leading results, without risking any loss of reputation.

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In 2008, High Court Enforcement (HCE) was not an approach utility companies had considered using directly. The founders of Court Enforcement Services (CES), then at their previous company, were assessing what a difference they believed it would make, provided it was approached in the right way.

Together, they identified pioneering new ideas of how they felt they could assist the Utility sector to meet higher standards of recovery, not only with higher collections but also with greater care. This would produce better outcomes for the customer at the same time as ensuring less reputational risk for clients than with other methods.

The team started working closely with utility companies, creating bespoke solutions to assist with the recovery of arrears, and immediately the market opportunity became clear.

Their work in partnership with EDF Energy was recognised by winning a joint award for ‘Innovation of the year – epitomising a true successful partnership’ at the Utility Awards.

In 2014, after the sale of their previous company, the current owners and senior directorate set up Court Enforcement Services. Their reputation for delivering an outstanding service and commitment to evolving bespoke client solutions was, and still is, unprecedented. It has been this foundational approach, backed by hard work and diligence, which has recovered and secured over £63 million for our utility clients.

We are undoubtedly the UK’s leading specialist supplier of High Court enforcement services to the utilities sector working across both energy and water.

By delivering an approach that differs from traditional providers or panels, we have worked tirelessly on the frontline to earn our reputation as the leading High Court Enforcement company in Utilities.

Our founding strategy continues to be to offer the market a combination that is intentionally difficult for our competitors to match – speed of ‘expert’ frontline delivery, depth of Utility sector enforcement and legal knowledge, a unique approach to fairness and managing vulnerability, and an absolute dedication to serving our clients.

We fully understand the challenging nature and issues with collecting your judgment debt. Our fast and efficient operating model has been shaped with the utility sector in mind. And our clients are happy to confirm this.

We currently work with 23 utility company clients, including many of the large water companies and 4 of the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers.

We have longstanding relationships with our clients in the sector who are loyal to us because of the excellent client service levels they receive and our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the utility sector.

We are the fastest growing High Court enforcement company; to-date we have enforced over 100,000 High Court Writs, of which, 65,000 were on behalf of our utility clients. Utilities is clearly our strongest and key sector.

Since forming in 2014, we have recovered more than £63 million under High Court Writs issued for our utility clients and £15 million secured by payment arrangements.

We promote early stage resolution and are proud to achieve an above industry average engagement rate of 39% during the compliance period.

We feel it is important to open communication with the customer at this early stage to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. This ensures that the creditor recovers what they are owed quickly and reduces additional costs and interest being added thereby avoiding increasing the customer’s debt burden.

We offer bespoke recovery services for utilities, which, will be tailored to meet your requirements across a comprehensive range of operational solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the utilities sector includes:

  • Address Verification
  • High Court Enforcement including Transfer Up of CCJs
  • Pre-Disconnection Visits
  • Pre-Litigation Reports
  • Process Serving & Letter Delivery
  • Re-engagement Visits

We are proud to represent the latest generation of companies in the sector and share their aims to be transparent, accountable, and professional at all times.

Our approach has greatly benefited our clients within the utilities sector, where safeguarding brand protection and reputational risk as well as attaining exemplary customer service are essential requirements.

Our technology has been widely acknowledged and has won awards in recent years at the Utility Awards and Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) British Credit Awards. Whilst technology has been embraced and is at the forefront of our business to drive our efficiency, we recognise how important it is to establish excellent direct working partnerships with our clients. Our clients have online access to all information relating to their cases through our unique and user-friendly case management system.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, for more information or to arrange a meeting.

“We have been delighted by the uplift in cash collection performance and driven by the introduction of the new agent app from Court Enforcement Services. It truly has made a difference to the service that both we and our customers receive, reinforcing our decision to choose to work with Court Enforcement Services”.
Utility Client

“Court Enforcement Services have always performed well for our organisation and we have seen further improvements since they have launched their new App”.
Utility Client

“They have provided a first-class service in the recovery of our Judgment debts when other enforcements have failed despite our best efforts”.
Utility Client

“I have worked with most of the High Court enforcement companies over the years, but Court Enforcement Services has created the right blend of knowledge, performance and most importantly measured Management Information of any of them”.
Utility Client