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Court Enforcement Services is a leading provider of High Court Enforcement to businesses and individuals seeking to recover unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) over £600.

Let us show you how years of expertise combined with a fast, fair, and client-focused approach achieves results and protects your brand and reputation.

We are also leading experts in enforcement services for commercial and residential landlords and their managing agents.

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We are the fastest growing High Court enforcement business and have rapidly become one of the largest in the sector. We have a proven track record in handling high volumes efficiently, this provides our clients with comfort that we are always able to deliver a fast and effective service.

Total Recovered.

We aim to achieve the best possible results for our clients and are focused on securing payment in full where possible. We strive to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients and ensure that all debts are collected and enforced fairly and compliantly.

Early Engagement.

We promote early resolution and are proud to achieve an above industry average engagement rate of 39% during the compliance period. We feel it is important to open communication with the debtor at this early stage to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. This ensures that the creditor gets what they are owed quickly and reduces additional costs and interest being added.


Fairness in Operation.

Our Fairness Framework ensures fair treatment is embedded in every engagement with clients, customers and staff.

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Court Enforcement Services provides the following:

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We have over 350 years of combined experience and are leaders within our field.

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