Our highly experienced team utilise the most advanced tracing technology available.

We offer an efficient and compliant trace and investigation service, covering the whole of the UK.

Our highly experienced team utilise the most advanced tracing tools to provide our clients with the most up to date contact details for their debtors.

From desktop searches to field verification, we offer a bespoke service designed around your requirements. For example, we can undertake a trace monitoring facility on ‘gone away’ cases.

Many clients utilise this service where they have obtained judgment and the debtor has left their last known address to enable them to instruct us to enforce.

Ongoing data enhancement and validation occurs throughout the process which ensures that the most up-to-date information is provided to our clients.

All our debtor tracing is conducted on a “no trace – no fee” basis.

Our Tracing Service Portfolio includes:

  • Address Verification
  • Absconded Debtor Tracing
  • Absconded Tenant Tracing
  • Asset Searches
  • Company Credit Checks & Tracing
  • County Court Judgment (CCJ) & Bankruptcy Searches
  • Employer Information
  • Field Verification
  • International Tracing
  • Land Registry Report
  • Pre sue Reports
  • Registry Report
  • Status Reports

Instruct Us

All of our tracing activities are undertaken in full compliance with the relevant legislation.

For further information and instructions call us on 0343 504 1606 or email