Case Studies.

Same Day Action – Process Serving

An Independent Finance Company needed to have a statutory demand served urgently. Our agent personally served the papers that same day.

The Client said ‘Have to say guys this is a really impressive turnaround – and greatly appreciated here. Thanks to all involved.’

Don’t write off any returned High Court writs – before you read this

A law firm was frustrated with the service they were getting from their then existing High Court Enforcement service provider. One case that particularly irked them was their contractor’s failure to enforce the writ of control, on behalf of their client, to collect money owed by a debtor. The debtor was a manufacturer with an established business premises operating with visible assets and sizeable staff. The writ was reassigned to Court Enforcement Services … [Read more…]

24/7 – SUNDAY’S Inclusive!

For new and existing clients any urgent requests out of normal office hours can be handled online. Instructions can be entered onto the appropriate electronic form on our website. This doesn’t however mean that the instructions will then just sit there until the office opens again. We monitor all communication and instructions out of hours, and will immediately start operations when urgent action is required … [Read more…]

The Case of the Slippery Fish

The client had been chasing this debtor for some time to recover a personal debt arising from residential rent arrears. A County Court Judgment (CCJ) had been awarded, which had subsequently been transferred up to the High Court for enforcement. The debtor was described by the client as a ‘slippery fish’, because the person had a history of frequently moving address. Also, the debtor had evaded payment when the previously appointed … [Read more…]

6 months old debt collected in only 3 weeks!

A family owned construction firm with a £9 million turnover, refurbished a building for a large company  last autumn. The work was completed and billed as per the agreed quote. The debtor came back and advised that this would be paid, however after 4 weeks it was not cleared. The debtor then stopped returning the company’s calls and emails despite 6 months … [Read more…]

Six of the Best – CCJ Transfer Up to High Court Enforcement

We have had a busy previous month on behalf of one of our clients. This includes 6 big cases most of which, without our involvement, would have probably ended up been written off as ‘gone aways’. Our team of Enforcement Agents made every effort to fully investigate each case, achieving 5 out of 6 payments in full. … [Read more…]

Resultra Project Management Inc, Canada – Transfer Up CCJ to High Court Enforcement

I’m based in North America and purchased from a UK company car parts that were never delivered. After a year, when it became evident that the UK company were not able to provide the car parts, I requested my money back but the UK company then stopped responding to my phone calls and emails.

I initially retained a UK lawyer that was able to receive a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against the UK company in my favour. However, even with the CCJ, after seven months the lawyer was not able to recover my money. … [Read more…]